Six efficient EDCs (Every Day Carry) at your service!

edc 1

EDCs You Should Always Have

According to Wikipedia, EDC or every day carry refers to a small collection of items that are carried on a consistent basis to assist in dealing with normal everyday needs, to emergency situations. Offthegridnews says, it is not the carrying of a full survival kit on your person at all times, contrary to what many people may think. Instead, it includes items that you need to make a habit of keeping on your person when you leave home at all times.

Here are some suggested EDC Links:
1. My Urban EDC Tech Pack

2. Former Soldier EDC

3. EDC Business

edc 3

4. EDC Techie
edc techie

5. Outdoorsman
edc outdoorsmen

6. Altoids Survival Kit


More to come!

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